Congress man Abhilash Mudhiraj arrested days before Telangana municipal polls in a 5 YO case

By Coreena Suares  Published on  17 Jan 2020 1:23 PM GMT
Congress man Abhilash Mudhiraj arrested days before Telangana municipal polls in a 5 YO case

Hyderabad : Congress candidate B Gnan Abhilash Mudhiraj, contesting for the Telangana Municipal Elections from Bandlaguda ward, was arrested by police three days before the campaign trail ends.

The young politician, on Friday, was picked up from his residence and later arrested at Rajendra Nagar police station in a five year-old SC/ST atrocity case booked against him, police said.

Speaking to NewsMeter, former TRS MP and Congress leader Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, said, “Prior to the arrest, Abhilash Mudiraj received a message saying ‘come to the police station’. He Is wrongly accused of spying over his opponents by fielding his men during the election campaign. In this regard he was asked to present himself in person before the police inspector. Escorted by cops, he was taken to Rajendra nagar police station where the arrested took place. On inquiry the cops cited a half a decade old case booked against him”.

Five years ago Abhilash Mudhiraj and Sai, a software employee( who now claim to be friends) entered into a heated arguments ,which resulted in Sai booking a case under SC/ST atrocity Act against Abhilash. Though the duo claim to have compromised, the case has not been closed, they said.

Congress leaders termed the arrest as a political vendetta and a well planned strategy as it comes days before the polls. They also found Friday's arrest a plan as the courts are closed during the weekend.

Another party worker RJ Lalith Varri added, “On inquiry it was found that the police had no arrest warrant. The Assistant Commissioner of police remained out of reach despite several attempts to reach out to the officer. Post arrest, Abhilash was taken to L.B nagar court where he was sentence to judicial custody . Why arrest him days before the municipal elections’.

Congress man earlier worked for TRS

Abhilash Mudhiraj, formerly worked for the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), going by his Facebook profile. The latter’s father earlier contested on an MLA ticket but lost.

This is the first time Abhilash, who is in his early 30's is contesting. He is facing TRS candidate Sagar Goud.

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