Telangana to get Egyptian mummy in a division of interests

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  25 Aug 2019 1:30 PM GMT
Telangana to get Egyptian mummy in a division of interests

Hyderabad: In the sharing of assets belonging to the Archeological Department, Telangana is going to get an Egyptian mummy. Although it has been over five years of Andhra-Telangana partition, there are many unsolved issues related to the partition that is still ongoing. The properties and exhibits related to the archaeology department are still interspersed.

The recently begun property distribution section of the archaeological department by the officials include valuable statues, coins and invaluable things, etc., which are mentioned in the list. This process has been ongoing for the past week. It was after the year 1956 in common Andhra Pradesh when the purchased exhibits were arranged according to their prices, were to be shared equally. The exhibits that were there earlier belonged to Telangana.

The ancient mummy present in the archaeology museum in Hyderabad, purchased by the seventh nizam in the year 1930, is a known fact to us. The officials also stated that the mummy belongs to Telangana. The various sculptures, inscriptions and columns available in the various regions of Telangana are also to be included in the museum.

At present with a few sculptures and inscriptions being there in the A.P museum, a few exhibits belonging to them are present here. The Buddha statues belonging to the regions of Phanagiri and Nelakondapalli were rushed to the exhibit at the Kalachakra celebrations in Amaravathi, 2006. Few among these were returned to the state museum whereas few remained here. The Buddha figures which were available near the nelakondapalli mahastupam are kept at the Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada museum.

These will also to be brought back by the archaeological department’s division of interests. During the excavations held in the year 1980 in the suburbs of Visakhapatnam, the Buddhist monastery came to light. A small rock formation at the south underneath which Gold, silver and other valuable things were found in a role of clay whereas, pieces of mud and a small skeleton was found in another role of clay. This was known to be the most valuable ashes of Buddha’s body, which were kept at the Hyderabad museum. As a part of the division, these will be returned to Andhra Pradesh.

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