Telangana's oldest COVID-19 patient discharged from Gandhi

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  7 July 2020 2:51 PM GMT
Telanganas oldest COVID-19 patient discharged from Gandhi

Hyderabad: Telangana's oldest COVID-19 patient, a 94-year-old woman, recovered and was discharged from Gandhi Hospital on 7 July.

P. Vijayalaxmi from the Chikkadpally area in the city was admitted to the hospital on 17 June after showing mild symptoms of the virus.

“She was admitted to the COVID ward in Gandhi Hospital with mild symptoms. Despite her age, she recovered in a few days. She was kept under observation and was discharged on Monday,” said Dr. Khizer Hussain Junaidy of the hospital.

Ms. Vijayalaxmi, meanwhile, said she was treated well at the hospital. “The hospital is in good condition. My sisters visited me every day. I did not have to ask for the doctors. They regularly came and visited me. The sanitary staff was helpful, too. The hospital also provided good food,” she added.

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On Monday, Telangana recorded 1,831 COVID-19 cases. The total number of cases in the state now stands at 25,733, including 10,646 active cases. Also, 14,781 patients have been discharged and 306 have died.

To recall, Telangana youngest patients, a 45 days old baby from Mahbub Nagar was successfully cured and was discharged from Gandhi Hospital, on April 29th. The baby boy was admitted when he was 20 days old, making him India’s youngest patient to have survived the deadly virus.

“The baby had contacted the infection from his father. He was subsequently tested positive for COVID, and shifted to Gandhi Hospital when he was 20 days old. It is overwhelming to announce that he is cured and discharged on Wednesday. He is probably the youngest patient in the country to have been infected and recovered successfully’ said a statement from the Telangana’s health department officials.

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