Amaravathi :Ex-Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has come up with a new allegation saying that the floods that have hit the state are artificial and are completely meant to sink his house.

Though the social media is targeting Mr Nara Lokesh for these kind of comments, Mr Naidu is continuing them. After Lokesh tweeted that a boat was kept at Krishna Barrage to sink his house, the netizens called him inexperienced and said that the statements were foolish.
Now a three time Chief Minister with a political experience of more than 40 years has come out with similar comments. He visited Vijayawada East assembly constituency on Tuesday and alleged that the government wants to sink his house and thus sank the houses of the poor as well.
He said, “Many water bodies were not filled and the government has released the water onto the houses. The Ministers are concentrating on my house instead of knowing the problems of the people. The government has failed in flood management.”

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5 comments on "Krishna floods are artificially created: Chandrababu Naidu"

  • Hats off for the Chandrababu’s new theory on floods!!!

    Chandrababu has come up with a new allegation saying “that the floods that have hit the state are artificial and are completely meant to sink his house and thus sank the houses of the poor as well. He also said that many water bodies were not filled and the government has released the water onto the houses. The government has failed in flood management.”

    Minute by minute, media have been highlighted the water release from Almatti dam, Narayanpur dam, Jurala dam, Srisailam dam, Nagarjunasagar dam, Pulichintala dam and Prakash Barrage. They not only presented the quantity of inflows and out flows but also water in dams. Almost all these followed the same practice without harming the dam’s safety in Karnataka, Telangana & AP. Projects built to use “surplus water flows” will be allowed to get water only after the allocated water levels are reached in the projects. Is it not so, Mr. Former three times CM Garu with 40 years of experience?

    In 2009 floods, Kurnool and Raghavendra Swamy mutt submerged causing huge loss of property and human tragedy. If the government agencies would have taken timely action or followed the norms on releasing of water from Srisailam dam to Nagarjunasagar dam, which was nearly empty [misused the water as the projects to use surplus water were not built by Chandrabau’s government], this tragedy would have been averted. The water overflowed the Srisailam dam – as it is not of poor quality construction like that of Pattiseema Srisailam dam withstood the high floods.

    Now, Chandrababu is questioning why the present government did not follow this, – a big foolish idea! –, so that Chandrababu’s residence should have been protected from flood fury??? Under this disguise they are blaming the government for submergence of villages with the release of flood water. Since the building of Prakasham Barrage, those people knew the risk and as a result huge sums of money have been wasted for rehabilitation in flood years.

    When the government started releasing flood water, Chandrababu silently moved to Hyderabad to negotiate with people to protect his sinking party. After floods receding Chandrababu planned to tour flood affected villages. At the same time TDP leaders are questioning the veracity of Chief Minister going to USA. Poor integrity questioning, is it not so!

    Chandrababu and TDP leaders also complained against Drones flying near Chandrababu’s illegally built rented house. Already TDP leaders invented new theories saying that they may bomb his house, etc., etc. In fact, when Chandababu was CM, one NRI approached Babu with a project “interpretation of satellite images” – some argued that satellite data is available to any body then what is the problem in accepting the project by Babu? –. ISRO from Bengaluru & NRSA from Hyderabad rejected the proposal. Then Babu asked the Central Government. Some individuals brought to the notice of the Prime Minister’s office the danger involved in such project, particularly related to defense installations. Finally the concerned minister rejected the proposal and Babu closed the project.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

  • Chandrababu presented vision 2020 wherein he proposed (a) Universal, low-cost education & healthcare; (b) rural employment and (c) replacement of small investor with large corporations. With this he transferred education and healthcare to corporates by killing government systems. He also destroyed well established seed corporation and put in gold plater and handed it over to private seed companies. Even agriculture he tried to corporatize the industry and tested at Kuppam, a big failure. In this system land owners became labourers in their own land, deep bore-wells destroyed the neighbouring farmers’ wells. Mechanization destroyed the soil. He proposed in other districts in 10,000 acres each. This was introduced by keeping his heritage business. However it failed miserably. Everybody unfortunately talk of Israel technology forgetting the fact the climate conditions. On these I presented my articles on daily newspapers at that time and also on agriculture to counter Chandrababu’s white paper, I prepared black paper and was released in Assembly press gallery by CLP. Here countered the corporate agriculture and proposed cooperative farming under organic farming. Pawan Kalyan made no statement on these issues as he was twin brother of Chandrababu.

    Pavan Kalyan made a statement on Jagan observation whether his children are studying in English medium or Telugu medium schools. Instead of answering to the question raised by Jagan, he observed “you can also marry three or four”. That shows his scant respect for women. That means, if he becomes CM, he will bring a law that make people to go for more wives – it is an insult on womanhood/ motherhood. Pawan should feel ashamed for making such statements. He may not aware the fact when a rapist proposes to the court that he will marry the victim, court did not agreed on this but punished them. Unfortunately neither the courts nor the women organizations have not taken any initiative to punish him for committing and encouraging more wives. He should be banished from politics/public life.

    When Chandrababu allowed private players in education, health care, seed and agriculture by neglecting irrigation why Pawan did not raise his voice? Was there an underground understanding between them?

    I studied Telugu medium school [in palm leaves huts] and felt the pinch in college. That means, those who are studying in English medium schools have an upper hand over students from Telugu medium. That means Pavan is working for rich class at the cost of poor class.

    BJP leaders voiced their anger on Jagan, when he questioned Venkaiah Naidu on his children and grandchildren on medium of education. There is nothing wrong on the Jagan’s question as it relates to policy matter.

    Politicians must think before making statements.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

  • Now CWC report says that Karnataka is illegally tapping more water from Krishna & Bhima. This they said that the metered data from these rivers and the water reaching Jurala dam sowed large quantity of water was diverted between the metered point and Jurala. If this would have not taken place then more water would have reached Prakasham Barrage and more floods would have affected the people living in the river/river banks.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

  • Chandrababu was Chief Minister for fifteen years. In the 1st ten year period he tried to impress urban population through some projects by which through real estate minted money by him as well his party/community. For example, his three projects, namely so-called high tech city, orr & Shamshabad Air port. With these three projects Chandrababu and his troup earned few lakh crores with poor quality development and destruction of natural resources [Musi River, Himayatsagar & Osmansagar Lakes that used to provide drinking water through gravity, Huda area used to have 932 lakes over more than 50, 000 acres inwhich major part was converted by his troup in to real estate ventures and minted money illegally. In rural areas Chandrababu blocked the goroth by not initiating irrigation projects including Polavaram project & surplus water based projects. After 2004, Dr. YSR initiated irrigation projects under Jalayagnam. to uplift rural population. Chandrababu in his 3rd term as Chief Minister, did not bothered on irrigation projects for first two years but concentrated on real estate ventures in Amaravathi along with illegal projects along the banks of of River Krishna & inside the river. To meet the water needs of his real estate ventures of his & his troup initiated Pattiseema and Pshkaralu at huge cost, instead of completing the Polavaram project. Today he started drama at Amaravathi. He built poor quality buildings instead of staying in Hyderabad [10 years can be stayed] and poor quality Pattiseema wasted government money. Central government must look in to these frauds of Chandrababu and his troup.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

  • Discussion on Krishna Water to Rayalaseema
    At 2060 tmc ft water availability in the river, in 25% of the years undivided AP will get less than 811 tmc ft — in which 11 tmc ft is return flows; and thus no surplus water. To compensate this deficit 150 tmc ft of water is allowed to store during surplus water years to meet the deficit to projects that were distributed 811 tmc ft. That means the project built for surplus water use, will not get water if the river flows are less than 2280 [2130 + 150] tmc ft. The Bachawat tribunal in lieu of 25% of the deficit years allowed undivided AP to utilize the flood waters over 811 tmc ft when they are available for drier areas. To utilize the flood water above 150 tmc ft when available, undivided AP government proposed 8 projects to meet the water needs in drier areas. These projects were allocated 227.5 tmc ft – 77 tmc ft for TS: S.L.B.C. = 30, Kalvakurthi = 25, Nettempadu = 22, [20 for Bhima Lift Irrigation under Krishna Delta Modernization Scheme], 150.5 to AP. Though these surplus water projects were proposed, NTR only laid foundations. Chandrababu again laid foundation stones over those of his father-in-law laid. He was interested only on watershed projects to get instant profits!!! The delay raised the cost of land acquisitions and construction costs by several times.
    To take water to Chennai, NTR initiated Pothireddypadu with a capacity of 11000 cusecs – Tamil Nadu Government paid costs. Nagarjunsagar right and left canal Ayacattu utilized in excess of allocated water as this period was good rainfall period with more years with surplus water – this period was used by Brijeshkumar Tribunal. Because of this TDP leaders did not cared to take up surplus water projects. Also, mis-used water below dead storage in Srisailam.
    Bachawat Tribunal suggested in their order that if necessary Government of India can appoint a second tribunal to look in to the matter after 2000 May 31 – Government of India appointed Justice Brijesh Kumar Tribunal on 2004 April 2. The Tribunal started its work on 2006 August. That means surplus water projects must have ready to utilize surplus water before May 31, 2000. The surplus water projects were initiated by Dr. YSR under Jalayagnam. Pothireddypadu initiated by NTR is not useful for taking water to Surplus water projects. Dr. YSR did this job.
    Now Chandrababu tries to cover up his misdeeds by blaming Dr. YSR who has done pioneering work on irrigation projects for undivided AP.
    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

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