The scourge of Raa Cheruvu Lake

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  16 Dec 2019 11:54 AM GMT
The scourge of Raa Cheruvu Lake

Hyderabad: Raa Cheruvu Lake has been frothing for the past three months and no official action has been initiated to contain the menace, despite myriad complaints. The locals rue the lackadaisical attitude of the officials because of which they are put in all sorts of peril.

Frothing is mainly because of untreated water released by the industries, claim residents.

Social activist Prasanth Madmidala says, “Even after our repeated complaints, the issue has not been taken seriously. A decade ago, the lake was beautiful, but now it is completely polluted and is talking heavy toll of aquatic life. The fish are dead. We urged the companies to treat the water, before letting it in the lake, but they don’t care a damn to our health.” He added that a decade the lake was so clean that it was being as drinking water source.

Along with some residents of Boddupal, he started cleaning Raa Lake six months ago. Every Sunday, around five to six residents gathered and cleaned the lake.

Malkajgiri MP Ch Malla Reddy had also visited the lake and ordered companies near the lake to stop releasing industrial waste in the water. Pollution Control Board (PCB) officials are also taking measures to clean the lake but nothing significant has been achieved, regret residents from the area.

Venkat Charry Devarakonda, a resident, said, “The industries nearby are dumping chemical waste in the lake. We are trying our level best to clean it but we cannot expect the lake to be pollution-free unless companies stop releasing untreated chemical waste.”

PCB official M Venkanna says, “We are constantly supervising the industries around the lake and if they don’t abide by our regulations, we will take strict actions.”

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