This is how DNA experts confirmed Disha's rapists ?

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  14 Dec 2019 3:55 AM GMT
This is how DNA experts confirmed Dishas rapists ?

Hyderabad: Telangana police who are facing criticism for encounter killing of four rapists of veterinarian doctor Disha has got a shot in the arm as the DNA fingerprinting test of semen samples from the clothes of Disha matched with that of the four accused.

Clues team of Cyberabad collected Chunni and Undergarments of Disha from the site of offence near Outer Ring Road in Hyderabad outskirts and sent them to FSL. As the accused wiped off their genitals with Chunni of Disha DNA experts of Telangana Forensic Science Laboratory could retrieve DNA fingerprint of four persons. Experts could match DNA samples from the tissue of the body of the four dead accused with that of semen samples.

The four accused Mohammed Areef, Jollu Shiva, Jollu Naveen and Chintakunta Chenakeshavulu trapped and gangraped Disha after deflating her bike tyre at Tondupally plaza in Cyberabad on November 27. The gang-rape and murder of Disha shoo the entire nation and widespread protests witnessed across the country demanding instant justice.

Experts extracted DNA from semen stains on Chunni and undergarments

On December 6 all the four accused were shot dead by the police when they took them to the reconstruction of the crime scene. This has evoked a backlash from rights activists who approached the courts. Supreme Court has ordered for a judicial probe into the incident.

While this is on Telangana State Forensic Science Laboratory experts analysed the semen samples and nailed the accused.

DNA was extracted from semen samples on Chunni and undergarments of victim and tissues of the four dead suspects using Organic extraction and Differential Organic Extraction Methods. Sensitive multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction test was used to identify the DNA.

They also confirmed the body of Disha by comparing the DNA fingerprint of parents from their blood samples with that of the DNA fingerprint of samples of sternum bone. It was also revealed the viscera of the victim contained alcohol, confirming that she was forced to drink liquor before gang-rape.

DNA is unique to every human. DNA can be extracted from any tissue or body fluid. In the case of four accused as post mortem examination was done, DNA was obtained from body tissues.

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