Hyderabad: Technology can wait but books cannot!

Thanks to school teacher Riyaz Mohommad, who is instilling the reading culture among the young children of Kunchaparthy. Riyaz has introduced a new concept of 'Moving Library’ wherein he goes classroom to classroom to distribute books among the students. To ensure that they read, he visits them again after a few days to collect books and review the progress.

“It has become extremely tough to convince children to visit libraries and read books. It pains me a lot. So I decided if they can’t visit the library, why can’t the library visit them? And that is how the Moving Library was born”, Riyaz told NewsMeter.

riyazuddin Moving library

So, Riyaz bought a trolley used in the supermarkets and altered in such a way that it could accommodate 50 books.

"I do not distribute books randomly. A particular day is fixed for students of a particular class. For example, on Monday, I give books to students of the 6th standard. On Tuesday, I give it to 7th standard students. I provide books to five different classes on five different days”, he said.

From storybooks to general knowledge to comics, Riyaz has a varied collection of books. “The children can keep the books for weekdays. Once they finish reading, they will have to write its review. That way, children will develop reading habit”, he said

Initially, Riyaz, who teaches Hindi at the ZPH School, Kunchaparthy, spent Rs 25,000 from his own pocket to buy the books. Later his friends chipped in to help him in this endeavor. "Collector and the MLA of my area came to inaugurate the Moving Library. Since my area still lags behind in development, our children lack general knowledge. Just to keep them abreast, I introduced Moving Library”, he said.

Anurag Mallick

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