This UoH researcher's invention can identify explosives 6.5 m away

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  7 Feb 2020 5:35 AM GMT
This UoH researchers invention can identify explosives 6.5 m away

Hyderabad: A junior research scholar from the University of Hyderabad has invented a femtosecond lazer technology that can identify explosives from a distance of 6.5 metres.

Shaik Abdul Kalam, from Kadapa, used the FIBS technique (Femtosecond filament-induced breakdown spectroscopy) in his invention. It can also identify the power of the explosives. His research was published in the monthly magazine 'Optics and Photonic News' of the Optical Society of America.

Speaking of his invention and success, Kalam said, " Research in the defence sector in physics is going on at ACRHEM (Advanced Centre of Research in high energy materials) lab under the leadership of Dr V. Kameshwara Rao under DRDO. I began my research on finding explosives using femtolazer rays in 2013. I received the Dr K.V. Rao Junior Researcher award in May 2019. My research paper was also awarded the best paper at a seminar conducted by DRDO in December 2019."

Kalam now has an opporunity to join some of best universities listed in the top 16 QS World University Rankings, like Tsinghua University, east China, Normal University, National Research Council, Canada, and the University of Mississippi in the US.

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