Hyderabad: The XIIIth additional court, on 28 February, sentenced three men to life imprisonment for murdering a man in broad daylight. The court also imposed a fine of Rs. 2000 each.

According to the police, on 26 September 2018 the three men, Kishan Goud, Laxman Goud, and Vikram Singh attacked Jarigalla Ramesh with axe and knives near the PVNR expressway in Attapur. They killed him in full view of the public on a busy road. Ramesh was reportedly accused in the murder of Kishan Goud’s son in 2017. The police said that Goud had a grudge against the man and had decided to murder him in broad daylight.

While Kishan Goud and Laxman Goud were arrested by the Rajendranagar police on 27 September 2019, Vikram Singh was arrested on 1 October last year. During the trial, the court had examined as many as 32 witnesses after hearing arguments from both parties.

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