'Tiger' overpowers leopard, saves owner

By Bhartendu Sharma  Published on  17 Aug 2019 1:58 PM GMT
Tiger overpowers leopard, saves owner

Kolkata : They say that a dog is a man's best friend. Similar is the story of a four-year-old canine named 'Tiger' in West Bengal's Darjeeling who proved his loyalty by saving her owner after a brief showdown against a leopard.

Tiger saved his 58-year-old owner Aruna Lama who hails from Sonada town in Darjeeling.

The incident took place on August 14 when Aruna opened the door of her storeroom only to witness two eyes glowing in the darkness, which soon turned out to be a leopard.

In panic, though she made a quick effort to shut the door but her efforts went in vain as the leopard was quick enough to attack the lady with her claws. Just when things were getting out of her hand, Tiger jumped in to help her owner. Tiger is a cross breed between Tibetan mastiff and a mongrel.

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