Hyderabad: A tiger was spotted during the late hours of Tuesday in Jainad Mandal of Adilabad District and took all the locals by surprise. It is said that the Tiger crossed the Penganga river flowing near the Telangana-Maharashtra border and entered the Jainad Mandal.

The tiger was spotted by a person named as Anil as he saw the tiger was passing by the Jainad-Nirala national highway from the car and captured the moment in his mobile phone around 10:40 pm.

Later on Wednesday morning, the tiger also attacked and injured two bulls of a farmer identified as P Ramu. The people of the Mandal showed great concern as they got to know about it. Officials from the forest department also recovered footsteps of the tiger from Mediguda. The department has also alloted 30 officials to track the movements of the Tiger.

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