Hyderabad: Disha (name changed) the veterinary doctor was raped and murdered by four people when she was on her way home on 28th November. The charred body of disha was found below an underpass near a toll gate which is about 30 Kilometers away from Shadnagar.

As per the latest update, it has been informed that the murderers had eyed on Disha after they found her alone riding her scooter on the highway. They had trapped her promising to repair her bike which had a flat tire before they raped her and killed her. They even burnt the body away from the crime scene and tried an escape. It has been reported that the criminals are taken into police custody.

While Disha family is devastated after the brutal murder, the news has sent shockwaves to every individual. Some of the Tollywood actors, popular celebrities and influencers are expressing their concern towards such heinous crimes. Some of the celebrities have started posting stuff on women’s safety and precautionary measures as well.

Popular celebrities like Allari Naresh, Keerthy Suresh, Mehreen Pirzada, Sudheer Babu, Manchu Manoj, etc took to their social media sites to express their distress over Disha murder. 

Priyanka Kanoj

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One comment on "Tollywood Mourns The Murder Of The Veterinary Doctor"

  • Why Tollywood Mourns??? Why not fight against patronage in films and serials to negative characters. All most all the serials show women in bad colours. In Etv serial, four commit rape on 15 girls and kill them. They were protected by their parents in power and with money buying top layer escapes the clutches of law. Nobody questions such vulgarity in serials. They just want earn money and not cared for the women’s modesty. I saw large number of women talking and talking on TV discussions but I have not seen them fighting against these corrupt trends in films and serials. In films hero shows all dirty tricks and these were picked up by poor boys and committing the same through ignorance. But law must punish fils/serial writers, producers and actors. Let us hope this will happen. The otherside is government encouraging taking alchol and drugs and providing easy way to get tham. So, government is the main culprit on the people attrocities on women. These are the issues to be discussed widely to get respect for women.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

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