Top cop suggests suspending driving licence of chain-snatchers

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  1 March 2020 4:37 PM GMT
Top cop suggests suspending driving licence of chain-snatchers

Hyderabad: In an attempt to reduce incidents of chain snatching and other similar crimes in the city, the Hyderabad Commissioner of police has recommended that driving licences of individuals who commit such offences be cancelled.

On March 1, Anjani Kumar, commissioner of Hyderabad police, took to Twitter and wrote, “Hyd police will recommend for cancellation of Driving licence of those offenders indulging in snatching or any crime using a bike/ vehicle. Appeal to public to join hands with us to identify such criminals. So far, we have got 1700 Driving licences suspended in recent times (sic).”

The police officer further said that the police by itself does not have the power to suspend the licences of persons involved in the crime. “The Road Transport Authority (RTA) has the powers to cancel the licences of such offenders. As police, we can provide recommendations so that it may lead to better security in the city,” he said.

When asked why this recommendation was put forward by the police, the commissioner said, “In the past three years, we have received information of about 400 bikes repeatedly used by offenders in crimes like purse-snatching, chain snatching. Revoking their licences would be a good move to deter such crimes.”

Drunk driving major cause for suspension of licence

In the past five years, more than 13,000 driving licences have been suspended in the state for several reasons. While drunk driving is one of the major causes, the other reasons are speeding, using a mobile phone while driving, road accidents, and overloading. In a single weekend in February, more than 200 people were booked for drunk driving in Hyderabad. A substantial majority of the people who were booked belonged to the age group of 20-39 years, the data revealed.

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