‘Tremors’ felt by Vertex Panache building residents at Kokapet

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  30 Dec 2019 11:47 AM GMT
‘Tremors’ felt by Vertex Panache building residents at Kokapet

Hyderabad: People living in and around Vertex Panache in Kokapet experienced tremors Monday morning due to three consecutive blasts that happened in a nearby construction site, a venture of Jayabheri Construction.

Construction works have been going on for the past few months at the site, but for the last two days, a nearness to tremors were being felt due to continuous blasts at the site, say the residents.

K Sandeep, a resident staying in the building, told NewsMeter “Around two to three blasts happened and as our society is very near to the construction site, we felt its effects. Earlier lot of dust would settle on our windows and cars, but the tremors have shocked us. All the society residents, including those on the top floor, came out in the morning, when this happened.

The residents also shared a video proof of the blasts on twitter.

The Vertex Panache is a 12-floor structure consisting 540 flats and approximately 2,000 people reside there.

Das says, “The blasts are of so high density that all our windows and doors started shaking. It was very scary, including for adults.”

Apart from Vertex Panache there are few independent houses in the nearby area.

Vijay Kumar, another resident, says, “When a higher intensity blast was felt on December 26, we dialled 100 and complained. Kokapet patrolling team inspected the construction site. The site owners told them that there have been no blasts but sand mining work was being undertaken. The police thus told us to provide proof as without that they cannot take any action. So we recorded this video, when blasts happened today morning. We will be approaching Narsingi police station.”

New constructions are coming up in Kokapet area. In October, in a similar blast incident, the basement at Rajapushpa apartment cracked. The site belonged to My Home Group. The residents protested against this. Around 1,000 residents are residing in that building, whose cracks were patched up after renovation.

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