TRS MLA speaks in support of Vet Doc's rapists, pink party left red-faced

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  10 Dec 2019 4:50 PM GMT
TRS MLA speaks in support of Vet Docs rapists, pink party left red-faced

Hyderabad: TRS MLA and Government whip Gongidi Sunitha have spoken in support of the four persons, who were killed in a police firing at Shadnagar. Sunitha expressed her heartfelt sympathy to their families and condolences on their death. While the entire national, political parties, people from various walks of life are hailing the decision of the ruling TRS government and the police action in the incident, a TRS MLA speaking in support of the accused has left the government in an embarrassing situation.

While her comments have sparked controversy, her husband Mahender Reddy has landed in trouble two days ago, for allegedly threatening a woman employee who was out to foil a child marriage at Alair.

Speaking at an event in Yadagirigutta on Tuesday, she said, “ we have heard when the accused snatched the weapons, ran away and opened fire, police failed to nab them and fired at them in defence, killing all the four persons. People all over are happy with the incident, but their families might be in deep sorrow. I express my heartfelt condolences to their families,” she said.

Further, she made an appeal that though police are acting immediately and laws are in place, and they may punish culprits, “we should think about the responsibility of the parents and also the society at large.” she said.

She added that Disha’s incident is very sad and that she also felt sad for those persons who were killed in the encounter. Police are in place, and they will arrive immediately when you raise the alarm. But anything can happen by then. Parents and society should also think and evaluate their children and their behaviour, she said.

“ Think about how much their families are suffering. Won’t parents grieve the death of their children?” she questioned.

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