TRS MLC says wearing burkha prevents Coronavirus

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  15 March 2020 8:28 AM GMT
TRS MLC says wearing burkha prevents Coronavirus

Hyderabad, March 15: The Telangana government has been telling people not to panic and take preventive measures in order to stay safe from coronavirus.

A discussion on the subject evoked peals of laughter in the Legislative Council on Saturday. TRS member Yegge Mallesham said "I had gone to China ", to which all the others asked ‘when’. Mallesham said, "Not now, but three to four years ago. If I had gone to China now, I would have gone straight to the hospital on my return."

Farooq Hussain said, "Muslim women don't have a chance of getting infected as they wear burkha. Now that other women are covering their faces with the shawl, they will also be better-off.”

He also shared his experience with a shopkeeper, who was coughing constantly. He said, "In a clothes shop in the Old City, where I had gone, the shop owner, who was coughing continuously, asked me, " What is corona? ".

The leader, caught on the wrong foot, immediately came out of the shop as if to attend to a phone call. The House burst into laughter.

The climax came when some members asked Farooq Hussain about what coronavirus is called in Telugu.

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