TRS Serilingampally corporator assaults women for asking him to move car, booked

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  14 Sep 2020 4:35 PM GMT
TRS Serilingampally corporator assaults women for asking him to move car, booked

Hyderabad: The TRS corporator from Serilingampally, Raga Nagender Yadav, was booked on 14 September for assaulting a woman at Serilingampally.

On Sunday night, Yadav reportedly assaulted Ananya Kurikala after she asked him to move his car, which was parked on the road. The incident came to light after the woman took to social media and posted details of the incident along with videos and photos on Instagram. The same was later shared on Twitter by advocate Suraj Apsingekar.

“Corporator Nagender Yadav, Serlingampally Div assaulted a Girl for just asking him to remove his car Wch was blocking road. Women cant even question wrong. TRS Gundaraj won’t be tolerated. People look what their leaders do wen they r voted to power. Vote wisely dis time (sic),” tweeted Apsingekar.

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Ananya, in her Instagram post, had detailed how she was threatened, abused, assaulted, and humiliated by the corporator and how even her neighbors, all Yadav’s relatives, had joined him in abusing her and her family. “Is this the safety that you promised for young women in their own house,” she wrote.

“I was returning home and Nagender Yadav’s car was in the way making it hard for me to make the turn into our house...I politely requested him to move it and he refused saying “the drivers aren’t there, do I look like a driver to you?”...After a lot of discussion and making me wait alone in the car for 20 minutes, he finally removed it but it wasn’t very civil (sic),” Ananya wrote.

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“In a sort of retaliation, he made the security call our house, claiming that an ambulance was coming (the ambulance wasn’t actually there, it was a show that he put on using the siren of his vehicle. He demanded we move out car, which was parked right in front of our house in our usual space. We entertained his request even though we were very skeptical about it, and my dad went to remove the car for the ambulance that he claimed was here EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS NO EMERGENCY! This was at around 10PM in the night in a gated community. I was filming this whole event because I was feeling unsafe and I wanted video proof that we were complying to his requests (sic),” added Ananya.

She also said that Yadav attacked her and cornered her against the wall. “He attacked me in an attempt to knock my phone out of my hand because I was recording the event, and in the process, HE HIT ME ON MY FACE AND BACK AND CORNERED ME AGAINST THE WALL’ OUR SECURITY GUARD WAS PRESENT AND DIDN’T DO ANYTHING, he also said he didn’t see anything,” Ananya continued in her post.

She further said that the videos and photos were proof of the attack. Her sister also streamed the incident live on Instagram, she said, adding, “In the video you can see our neighbors, who are related to Nagender Yadav, also using crude language and hurling insults at us for no reason. This whole event was extremely traumatic, I am shaking as I write this. I have bruises and marks on my face and arms! Is this how you treat your citizens, WOMEN, in their OWN HOUSE, and a gated community which is supposed to be SAFE?!” questioned Ananya, sharing photos of her injuries.

The Chandanagar police of Cyberabad have registered a case under Sections 509 and 323 of the IPC. “We are collecting evidence on the incident. Based on the findings, the investigation will proceed,” a police officer said.

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