TRS to contest in Maharashtra

By Sreenivasa Rao Dasari  Published on  17 Sep 2019 1:14 PM GMT
TRS to contest in Maharashtra

Hyderabad: Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) supremo Mr K Chandrashekhara Rao in-principally agreed to explore the possibility of contesting in select pockets in Maharashtra. Further, Mr Rao has decided to set up a branch of the TRS party in the neighbouring state. The TRS party is exploring the possibility of spreading its footprint to areas in other states where Telanganites in large number.

Mr KCR interacted with people including elected representatives from villages spread over five Legislative Assembly Segments from the Telangana bordering Nanded district In Maharashtra, here in the Legislative Assembly premises on Tuesday.

The people from Nanded asked Mr KCR to contest in Maharashtra elections by fielding TRS candidates. They appreciated several welfare schemes of the TRS government and demanded their Maharashtra State government to implement such welfare schemes.

Mr KCR said: “Besides people from five Assembly segments from Nanded district, people are also asking for the TRS tickets from Bhiwandi, Sholapur, and Rajara. Mr KCR said he would make a decision on this shortly. The demand for the implementation of welfare schemes like in the Telangana state is rational and hoped that the Maharashtra government would accede to the demand.”

People from the five Assembly constituencies in Nanded demanded that their villages should be merged with the Telangana State. The people and elected representatives affiliated to several political parties have also decided to contest the forthcoming Assembly polls with this demand. They sought the support of the TRS party for their agitation. They said they are ready to contest on the TRS party tickets if allotted.

Leaders from Nalgaon, Bhokar, Degloor, Kinwat and Hathgaon Assembly segments in Nanded district in Maharashtra State bordering Telangana discussed with Mr KCR.

Babli Sarpanch Mr Babu Rao Ganapath Rao Kadam is heading the movement with a demand of merging the villages with the Telangana state.

“Our villages are bordering the Telangana state villages. But, the situation in our villages and in the Telangana State when compared are vast differences and variant. People and farmers in the Telangana State villages bordering us are very happy, while we are in distress. For farmers in Telangana state, each one is getting Rs 10,000 financial assistance per acre per year under the Rythu Bandhu Scheme. Our government is not implementing any scheme like this to our farmers. The poor people in Telangana State are getting Rs 2016 per month as pension whereas in Maharashtra they are getting meagre Rs 600 only. In the Telangana State farmers are getting 24-hour uninterrupted, free and quality power. In our state, we are promised 8-hours power supply but in reality, we are getting only 6 hours. There are matrimonial alliances between the Telangana and Maharashtra among the people. In the Telangana state, schemes like Kalyan Laxmi, KCR Kits, and clothes distribution during the festivals are helping the women folk immensely. While in Maharashtra there are no such schemes. Roads are very good in Telangana State, and they are in a sordid state in our State,” they said.

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