Global Hospitals ordered to pay Rs 35,000 compensation for medical negligence

By Amritha Mohan  Published on  19 Jan 2020 6:18 AM GMT
Global Hospitals ordered to pay Rs 35,000 compensation for medical negligence

Hyderabad: After an 8-year- long fight, the Telangana State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission has directed Global Hospitals in Lakdi-ka-Pool to pay a compensation of Rs 35,000 for alleged medical negligence on January 3.

The complaint, filed by one Mr M.A Aleem, alleged negligence on the side of Global Hospitals, wherein the delay in his treatment cost him dearly. On December 15, 2012, the complainant had approached Global Hospital following a head injury. However, after the administration of the tetanus injection, Aleem allegedly felt severe weakness and pain. The complainant further alleged that the staff in the hospital failed to provide adequate facilities, which in turn led to additional expenditure from the patient’s side. He was also asked by the duty doctor to undergo several additional tests, apart from buying a neck collar for a slight displacement of the bone in his neck.

In their defence, Global Hospitals’ s counsel cited before the District Consumer Forum that they were not given the opportunity to present their arguments. The counsel argued that “the opportunity that is afforded to them in the District Forum could not be availed for the reasons beyond their control whereby the matter came to be disposed of in absentia and even without their written version being placed on record.”

While the judges at the consumer commission allowed their request to appeal, they however directed the Global Hospital to pay a compensation of Rs 35,000 to the complainant for the delay. The judgement also specified that since the complainant was 65-years-old, he merits the compensation, within one month of the date of judgement.

Earlier in his initial complaint, M.A Aleem has demanded a reimbursement of Rs 64,000, apart from a compensation of Rs 2,50,000 and costs of Rs 5,000. Following this, in 2013, the District Consumer Forum had directed the hospital to pay a sum of Rs 50,000, along with Rs 2,000 for the alleged mishandling of complainant during the course of the treatment, which was taken up by the Consumer Commission.

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