The next 4-5 weeks crucial for Telangana: Health officials

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  23 July 2020 2:52 PM GMT
The next 4-5 weeks crucial for Telangana: Health officials

Hyderabad: The coming 4-5 weeks are crucial for Telangana as health officials indicate the presence of SARS-Co-V virus in the community, they said.

On 23rd July, The Director of Public Health, Dr G Srinivas Rao, and the Director of Medical Education, Dr K Ramesh Reddy, expressed their concern over the spread of coronavirus in the state. Mr Rao added that citizens need precautions and must take at most care in the coming days . He also said that they have added 12,000 more staff to government hospitals.

Addressing concerns of high medical bills, Dr K Ramesh Reddy said, "For someone at the initial stage of the infection, the cost of treatment will not be more than 150 rupees." He further added that only when a patient becomes critical and has severe symptoms of Covid, will the charge for treatment be high.

The director also added that if citizens opt for treatment in the initial stage of the infection, then they will be perfectly alright within 10 days. "We have seen this pattern in more than a thousand patients in the state," he said.

However the officials claimed Telangana stands at a better place than other states. Dr G Srinivas Rao said that Telangana is doing much better than other states, but the following weeks will be crucial. While saying that the recovery rate in the state (77%) is much higher than the national average(64%), he said that "We are working at a war-front level to fight the virus."

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