Telangana power demand doubles from 7,000MW to 13,000 MW since 2014

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  27 Feb 2020 3:39 AM GMT
Telangana power demand doubles from 7,000MW to 13,000 MW since 2014

Hyderabad: Telangana, on 25 February, set a new record for power demand in the state which touched 13,040 MW. Since 2014, power demand in Telangana has set new records. The state's power demand was about 7,000 MWs when the state was formed. It has now almost doubled to 13,000 MWs. It was at an all-time high of 13,040 MW on Tuesday, almost double when compared with the 7,000 MW in 2014.

Interestingly, a new record for power demand was set on 19 February when it touched 12,096 MWs, the highest-ever. But this record was broken on Tuesday when power demand touched 13,040 MW.

The increased power usage for lift irrigation schemes in Telangana, especially for Kaleshwaram project, is said to be the reason for the surge in power demand. Besides, the increased rabi agriculture operations, especially the increase in paddy crop, is also said to be one of the reasons as farmers are using borewells extensively for irrigation. Kaleshwaram project alone is contributing to a steep increase in power usage in the erstwhile Karimnagar district.

The major barrages of the project fall under the limits of former Karimnagar, which was divided into four districts, Jayashankar-Bhupalapalli, Peddapalli, Karimnagar, and Jagitial. The major components of Kaleshwaram project, Medigadda barrage, Kannepalli pump house, Annaram barrage, Sundilla barrage, Goliwada pump house, Rajeshwararaopeta pump house, and Rampur pump house are located in these districts. The high-powered motors of Kaleshwaram are lifting water from the Godavari to the barrages which is resulting in high power consumption. This can be gauged from the fact that the power demand in erstwhile Karimnagar district has surged to 1,742 MW against 772 MW recorded in February 2019.

With good water reserves in reservoirs and tanks, there is considerable improvement in groundwater level across the state due to which the farmers are drawing groundwater for rabi crops, which in turn has led to a steep increase in power demand.

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