TSRTC strike: Joint Action Committee raps KCR for latest remarks

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  7 Oct 2019 9:18 PM GMT
TSRTC strike: Joint Action Committee raps KCR for latest remarks

Hyderabad: The joint action committee (JAC) of TSRTC unions came down heavily on the latest statement by the Telangana Chief Minister Mr K Chandrashekhara Rao while TSRTC strike is continuing. The RTC unions have not their identity and existence, said Mr Ashwathama Reddy, the JAC convener. He further questions the proposal of stage carriage bus system as terming it an unviable solution.

While ruling out any plan of privatising TSRTC, the Chief Minister has proposed to classify the RTC fleet into three categories. TSRTC own buses, buses on hire and stage carriage buses. The TSRTC JAC is opposing the stage carriage buses.

“RTC unions are in existence for a long period and continue to protect the rights of employees. The statement of the Chief Minister is purely his egoistic opinion. The Chief Minister can't threaten the unions by making such a statement. All the 48,533 employees will always be RTC staff only. Mr KCR is talking about stage carriage buses. Who'll drive these private stage carriage buses? Will Mr KCR handover the properties of RTC to his Benamis? We wouldn't tolerate the exploitation of TSRTC," said Mr Ashwathama Reddy.

The JAC convener who is spearheading TSRTC strike further said that the unions were always ready to fight against the wrong decisions of the state government.

"The TSRTC JAC will support the supervisors. The Telangana RTC unions and employees are known for their fighting spirit. Mr KCR is very aware of the fact. Not only RTC employees, but entire Telanganites are also against the attitude of Mr KCR," further added Mr Reddy.

The Telangana Chief Minister, after the review meeting on the report submitted by Mr Sunil Sharma committee, said that the TRS government doesn't want to privatise TSRTC. But the main objective is to ensure quality services to passengers.

TSRTC has 10,400 buses. According to the Chief Minister, the bus fleet would be categorised into three levels. As many as 5,200 buses, 50 per cent of the bus fleet, should belong to TSRTC. The number of hire buses should be limited to 3,100, accounting for 30 per cent of the total fleet. Remaining 20 per cent of the fleet, 2,100 buses, should be private and will be allowed on private stage carriage basis, adds Mr KCR.

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