Uddhav Thackeray to lead Maha Government: Pawar

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  22 Nov 2019 2:49 PM GMT
Uddhav Thackeray to lead Maha Government: Pawar

Mumbai: Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray to lead Maharashtra government, said Nationalist Congress Party leader Sharad Pawar on Friday.

The crucial announcement has come more than a week after the President’s rule was imposed in Maharashtra and weeks after the state general elections. The turns and twist witnessed in the post-election era of Maharashtra elections will be remembered for years in the Indian political history.

After days of contemplation, the 3-party alliance has resulted in giving the Chief -ministership to Shiv Sena. ‘Udhhav Thackery is the consensus candidate for leading a Shiv-Sena – Nationalist Congress party – Congress alliance government in Maharastra said, senior politician Sharad Pawar.

The decision has come in the backdrop of the first formal meeting in Mumbai on Friday between the three political parties. The announcement has indicated that the 3-party alliance can take claim of power any time soon.

Earlier in the day, the 3- parties held its first joint meeting. The Shiv Sena chief and his son Aaditya Thackery attended the meet from the party’s side. ‘Discussion were positive, fruitful; said senior Thackery, as he emerged from the meeting.

The alliance leaders are likely to hold a press conference on Saturday to make a formal announcement. When after the outcome indicates the consensus decision of the trio, the alliance leaders said that discussions are on and their decision will be made public after the leaders met the Maharashtra governor.

Maharastra Elections

The BJP and Shiv- Sena won a majority together with 105 and 56 seats in the 288 assembly constituencies. However, power tussle spilt the two parties. This ended a three-decade-old alliance between the BJP and Shive Sena.

The divide gives rise to a new alliance between Shiv-Sena, Congress and the NCP. The resulted in senior Thackery getting the chief ministership.

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