Udhayanidhi using Tamil Desiya as its trump card to wage political battle in TN?

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  25 Aug 2019 5:32 PM GMT
Udhayanidhi using Tamil Desiya as its trump card to wage political battle in TN?

Chennai : After taking the mantle of DMK youth wing as its secretary, Udhyanidhi Stalin presided over a meeting of its members in Chennai on Sunday.

Interestingly, the meeting assumes greater significance as various resolutions were passed that includes taking up the cause of Tamil. Political observers feel that DMK has been taking up Tamil Desiyam as its trump card to wage a political battle in Tamil Nadu where the Assembly elections are due in 2021.

Speaking about the issue, Kannadasan, spokesperson of DMK said, “Tamils are sidelined in central government jobs. In railways, the number of people from other States working here is appalling. Tamils are sidelined. We have no option but to fight for the survival of Tamils. There is no politics involved in it. We see it as right of Tamils.”

“We are losing many jobs in government sectors to other States. In Tamil Nadu, competitive examinations are not allowed to be written in Tamil. Not today, even for several years in the past, we have been voicing the cause of Tamils.”

“We believe people who are been living here for long are Tamils,” Kannadasan added.

There are speculations that this is also an attempt by Udhayanidhi to take the centre stage. He is allegedly making a move towards establishing himself as second in libeto MK Stalin within the party.

On his part, Jawharali, an AIADMK spokesperson said, “DMK is known for using this issue since the days of M Karunanidhi for their political gains. Whenever the DMK is in power, they never speak on such issues. Only when they sit in Opposition bench, these DMK men will speak about Tamils and their welfare.”

They were part of the Centre when lakhs of Tamils were killed in Sri Lanka. They kept quiet when a legislation was passed against Jallikattu,” he added.

“The welfare of Tamils is the watchword of AIADMK. We have always been taking up their cause with Centre whenever necessary,” he said further.

“It is a dangerous path being taken by the DMK. They fear whether they will lose out to the Tamil movements like Naam Thamizhar of Seeman. Hence they are speaking about this,” say a few.

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