Unhappy with the revaluation results, OU students sign an online petition

By Anusha Puppala  Published on  29 Sep 2019 10:36 AM GMT
Unhappy with the revaluation results, OU students sign an online petition

Hyderabad: Unhappy with the revaluation results announced, undergraduate students of Osmania University have signed an online petition seeking revaluation. The university administration declared the UG results on August 13, 2019. A large number of students disappointed with the results, applied for revaluation confident of scoring better marks.

On September 23 during the announcement of the revaluation results, students were in for a shock. The administration informed them that their hall tickets numbers were not found.

Students alleged that many of them had applied for revaluation as they were given straight ‘F’.

About three days ago the on-line petition was initiated. Till date it has garnered about 248 signatures in support. The petition reads, “With a lot on stake for the future, the students require the university to take each student's evaluation seriously and repost the results again, as retaking the exam will impact the admission for further studies. Failing the students in an insignificant subject that is not connected to any of the majors is only bringing down the students opportunities and self-esteem. Really looking forward to a positive response from the university.”

Rania Konain a student who signed the petition said, “This type of a result is seriously unbearable. I wrote a full paper, attempted all the questions. How is it possible. They are doing this just for the sake of money.”

Another supporter Hajera Amatul Qadeer said, “I am signing the petition, because it’s injustice to students who have been failed despite working so hard. They have to pay for the revaluation and paying the amount is useless, if the hall ticket number is not found. All students don't have the money for college fees but still they somehow make it. When you do this to them it will totally effect a person's hard work and interest for learning. This also results in a few committing suicides out of fear of society and their parents”

Another student Maaz Siddiqui said, “Very unsatisfied with the results. The revaluation fees have been increased due to which we can’t even opt for it that easily.”

The Osmania University on Monday had announced the revaluation results of the UG students. The University had released the results of the fifth semester BSc, BCom, BBA and BA programs held in May 2019.

Sara Ibrahim, another student said, “OU correction in unsatisfactory for me too.”

Professor Sriram Venkatesh, Controller of Examinations said, “The pass percentage for UG is about 60 per cent and 40 percentage students have failed the exams. If students have failed it is due to their poor performance not by errors by the department. Poor performance of students is also due to the scarcity of faculty in majority of the Degree Colleges. Earlier, when students searched for their revaluation results, their results were displayed even if there were no changes in the revaluation results. But now if there is 'No Change' in the students results during revaluation their hall ticket number will be not be visible and display will show ‘Hall ticket Number Not Found’ due to which many students might have panicked. Students are not aware of this as they have implemented this new screening process for the first time.”

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