UoH alumni launch drive to donate digital devices to needy students

By Sumit Jha  Published on  6 Sep 2020 5:25 AM GMT
UoH alumni launch drive to donate digital devices to needy students

Hyderabad: The University of Hyderabad Alumni Association launched a drive to donate digital devices to students requiring them for their online classes. The UoH has resumed the current semester through online teaching from August 20.

“There are many students who do not have access to digital devices like smartphones or laptops. The UoHAA was formed in 2015 and registered in 2016. There are around 40,000 alumni in the network,” said Pranay Rupani, Ph.D. scholar at the University of Hyderabad and member, UoH Alumni Association.

The university formed a task force to provide the road map to start the online classes. The task force pointed out the problems which the students will face for the online classes.

“Many of the students are hailing from rural districts. We are trying to reach out to the students who need the resources for the class. They at least need 3GB ram and 32 GB storage phone which will cost around Rs 7,000 and we are looking to provide 1,000 students with these phones,” said Pranay Rupani.

Soon as the drive to collect funds was launched on Friday, the Alumni Association already received Rs 50,000. We are targeting to give the devices to at least 500-600 students and ensure that none of the students is left out without any resources," said Pranay Rupani.

A few of the alumni had already started to provide the devices to the needy from their personal funds.

Pradeep, an alumnus of UoH and lecturer, Govt Degree College, Srikakulam, donated phone to a student, Manohar Prasad.

"I contacted Pradeep, who was our alumnus and asked him to talk to Manohar Prasad living in a remote village. Pradeep bought the mobile in Srikakulam and asked Manohar to come to his place to hand it over to him," said Prof. Prakash Babu, president, University of Hyderabad, Alumni Association.

“We want to keep the funds active to help students continuously. There are some successful alumni and they have expressed readiness to donate funds,” said Pranay Rupani.

The association has also invited philanthropists to make a generous contribution so that students can get quality education at the University of Hyderabad.

The payment can be made here, https://pages.razorpay.com/uohaa

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