Ram Charan's wife Upasana turns "doctor"

By Priyanka Kanoj  Published on  7 Sep 2019 9:29 AM GMT
Ram Charans wife Upasana turns doctor

Hyderabad: Anyone who goes through Upasana Konidela Instagram and Twitter pages would know of her enthusiasm for living a healthy and positive life. Upasana's husband Ram Charan has also been inspiring fitness freaks with his body transformations and discipline, Ram Charan always mentions that it is Upasana who is behind his transformations.

Upasana keeps her followers informed by sharing about proper diet plans and fitness tips. In a recent post, Upasana has shared information related to viral fevers and flu which is affecting several people these days.

She shared a few posts and videos in which she has doctors speak on the ways to avoid fever and flu.

Upasana also shared a few tips related to hygiene. In a series of Tweets, she says, “Carry wet wipes/hand sanitisers with u. Clean ur surroundings, make sure there’s no stagnant water around u. use mosquito repellents at home. Burning coffee powder is a non-toxic way of keeping mosquitoes away. Pls, stay safe. consult ur doctor if u have any symptoms. (sic).”

Upasana is the grand-daughter of Dr. Pratap C. Reddy, founder, and chairman of Appollo Hospitals. A doting wife and a business leader, she is leaving no stone unturned to be helpful to people and bring positivity into their lives.

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