Uppal police books parents as son begs using baby monkey

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  30 Oct 2019 1:32 PM GMT
Uppal police books parents as son begs using baby monkey

Hyderabad: In a rare case, Hyderabad police has booked a couple as their 12-year-old son, was reportedly found begging with the help of a baby monkey, at Uppal X Road. The Uppal police on Wednesday registered the case acting upon a complaint filed by Ms Pravallika Nagaram, Founder and Chairperson of Compassionate Society for Animals. She alleged that the boy’s parents had forced their son into begging.

The Uppal police officials have handed over the case to Uppal’s forest division since the crime involves an animal. The forest department booked the boys’ parents under Section 22 (ii) of the Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals Act, 1960. As per the law, under schedule 4 of the wildlife act, monkeys cannot be treated as a domestic pet, nor should they be trained for entertainment purposes. Besides booking the case, the forest department officials have imposed a fine of Rs 10,000 on the boys’ parents. The baby monkey will be released into Chengicherla reserve forest, the officials said.

The boy nor his parents have not disclosed how they got the monkey.

Activist, Pravallika also informed child helpline, following which official from Medchal district counselled the boy and his parents, to pursue education. The officials came forward to sponsor the education of the son. However, the parents didn’t agree to the offer, said Pravallika .

Pravallika says, “Treating monkey as a domestic pet is a violation as per the wildlife act, nor can they be used for begging and other entertainment purposes.

Across India, it has been a tradition to use monkeys in street performances. The apes are trained to entertain people, and street artists use them as a source of income. Pravallika says, “People should know that monkeys, whether adults or children, cannot be kept as pets. They cannot be used for any begging or entertainment purpose as well.”


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