User asks average response time taken by an ambulance to reach an accident spot on twitter, Gvk Emri responds

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  20 Aug 2019 8:22 AM GMT
User asks average response time taken by an ambulance to reach an accident spot on twitter, Gvk Emri responds

Medchal: A user named as Sunita Simon took to twitter to question the average response time taken by an ambulance to reach a given location as she witnessed a gruesome accident at the Medchal highway (near Toopran) a couple of days ago as a family of 4 on a bike were hit by a tractor. In a thread of tweets, she further said – “ Father had a major head injury & was lying in a pool of blood while the young son was unconscious with bruises, mother & another 3-year-old child were knocked out (sic).

When I dialed 108,the person had a million questions, Taluk, Zilla, PS limits etc. besides asking about landmarks to identify the location. Inspite of telling him it’s a head injury & a serious case. It took me 12 mnts to explain the situation & the ambulance arrived after 35mnts (sic)

Victims of highway accidents are the worst. We must relook at how emergency medical care is delivered on the highways. Isn’t there a way we can share location details to the 108 helplines? Are these ambulances equipped with GPS?

@TelanganaHealth @drharshvardhan @nitin_gadkari (sic) ”

If something questionable had to be taken out of this incident, that would be the response time of 35 minutes taken by the ambulance to reach the location. As Sunita mentioned, the father had a major head injury, whereas the son was unconscious with bruises. The mother and the three-year-old child were knocked out.

Responding to the tweets by Sunita, another user named as Robin took the initiative to address the issue to EMRI. In continuation of the issue, The vice President operations, Mr Tvsk reddy responded to Robin by giving a detailed report of the issue.

He further stressed on few of the points which read –

1. " Minimum details need to be captured from the caller to avoid delay on identifying the scene ( where an incident or incident took place ). Collecting required information will help to identify nearby ambulance and reach in time. As on date, TRAI ( Telecom regulatory authority of India ) have not permitted any service provider to track call location directly. It has to be enquired by caller only. However, GVK EMRI has done exclusive work on this and developed an app for 108 services which will be launched in Telangana soon.

2. I don’t know what for she was mentioning ambulance GPS. How an ambulance will sense the GPS location?

3. But for your information, all the ambulances of Telangana 108 services have serviceable GPS fitted in their ambulances. With the GPS only we track the location of the ambulance. You can very well inform her.

4. GVK EMRI is putting up its best efforts to save human lives as you can see in various media coverages (sic)."

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