User changes Noida Film City’s name on Google

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  19 Oct 2019 4:07 PM GMT
User changes Noida Film City’s name on Google

Noida: On 19 October, the name of Noida Film City turned ‘Hanuman Ji Manka Sthal’ on Google maps. This incident comes when #NoidafilmcityExcavation was trending in Twitter. The user who changed the name of film city also suggested it to be a Hindu Temple. Interestingly, the Urban lake Hussain Sagar in Hyderabad was read as Jai Sri Ram Sagar on Google.

An anonymous twitter user posted a post in Hindi that according to some professor from Rohtak University in his research has found that under Noida Film city was once an old Hanuman Temple, where Manka (Bead) which fell from Hanuman’s Gada (a cudgel like structure) was established.

After his tweet went viral many twitterattis started demanding excavation of Noida film city. Noida Film City houses a number of media organizations.

Some people also took it as joke

How can we change names of places on Google Maps?

Search the place you want to change name of, click on the map of the particular place, it shows you, ‘Suggest an Edit’ option in your left hand side. Once you click on that, it will ask you if you want to change the name and other details or if you want to remove the place. From Change name option, edit details such as address, phone number, location of the place.

The facility is provided by Google, so that mistakes can be rectified, but it is being reportedly misused by many.

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