#Zomatouninstalled trends after some of its users decided to uninstall the app against its decision to not change the food delivery executive for a customer, who objected to accept order from a Muslim delivery boy.

Right after the Zomato authorities defended its move on Wednesday and tweeted that food doesn't have a religion, several people raised issues about how the company is ok if some customers want specifically Halal meat.




While defending its move, Zomato in a official statement on Wednesday said that it's not playing any role in categorising Halal and non-Halal food and uses the Halal tag just to help users make a more informed choice.


The official statement by Zomato reads, "The halal tag on Zomato is a result of restaurants seeking that distinction -- not us as an aggregator," the company said in the letter, adding, "We provide this information, so that you, as a customer, can make an informed choice about whether you want to eat Halal meat, or not. As an aggregator, it's imperative that we showcase all the various facets that a restaurant would like us to display to its potential customers."

Several people who disagree with Zomato's statement have started giving one-star reviews on Google Play and App Store. Following which many have even uninstalled the app.

Meanwhile, even Uber eats users have started boycotting Uber eats making it a twitter trend with #BoycottUberEats as it supported Zomato after it refused to change the delivery boy as per their customer's demand.

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