Hyd vet doc's murder: A crime that shakes people's faith in humanity

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  29 Nov 2019 7:41 AM GMT
Hyd vet docs murder: A crime that shakes peoples faith in humanity

Hyderabad: Help from a good Samaritan during distress is perhaps the best example of trust, a trait that humans heavily rely upon. However, for the public in Hyderabad, this notion appears a little foggy in the backdrop of veterinary doctor's spine-chilling murder.

In her last call to her sister, the doctor told her that she had been stopped by two men when she started her two-wheeler, a Hero Maestro. The duo told Disha (name changed) that one of the tyres had gone flat and she could be in trouble if went ahead.

Sister said the veterinary doctor was initially a bit reluctant to take help from the strangers, but she relented after they insisted that she should proceed after getting the punctured tyre fixed. The duo portrayed themselves as responsible citizens who were ready to go out of their way to help a woman in need, even though she never asked for it in the first place.

The criminals made the doctor trust them and then betrayed her. Little did she know that she was going to land in a death trap, as she waited for them when they took her scooter for repairs for the second time.

According to experts, such crimes shake the faith of the entire society and the people, who are ready to help strangers in distress. The gruesome incident also shows that despite growing consumerism, people are ready to accept help from unknown persons.

While the police are trying to trace to killers, the veterinary doctor's killing has sparked a debate on several aspects surrounding the incident and the sequence of events that led to her death.

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