Vet doc murder accused also robbed her, reveals remand diary

By Amritha Mohan  Published on  1 Dec 2019 10:49 AM GMT
Vet doc murder accused also robbed her, reveals remand diary

Hyderabad: The remand report filed by Shadnagar police in the horrific gang-rape and murder case of the veterinary doctor has revealed several startling details.

The four accused had robbed her of her belongings after committing the heinous act. One of the rapists, Jollu Naveen, took her mobile phone, power bank and wrist watch and kept it in their lorry. Also, they burnt her handbag along with the SIM card in an attempt to hide evidence.

The statement of a witness, working at the petrol bunk where the four tried to procure petrol from, turned instrumental in the investigation of the case.

A cashier at the ESSAR petrol bunk located on NH 44, Lingaram Praveen Goud had refused to provide petrol in plastic bottles to Jollu Naveen and Jollu Shiva, the third and fourth accused in the case. On November 29, watching the news about the vet doctor’s murder made the 27-year-old witness suspicious about the criminals who had come for petrol the previous night. Checking the CCTV footage obtained from the petrol bunk, combined with the witness’ identification of the criminals led to the breakthrough in the investigation.

Following this, the two visited the next nearest IOC petrol pump. Mr. Shyam Goud, a worker at this petrol pump also elaborated on their visit and how they purchased petrol from them.

‘Driven by lust’

The intent to rape the vet doctor, as they watched her park her scooter near Gachibowli ORR toll gate, was evident in the confession statements of the accused.

Noticing her as she parked her scooter near their lorry, they meticulously planned to catch hold of her when she returned.

It was Jolla Shiva, the second accused, who wanted to drink alcohol on November 27, the fateful day. Borrowing money from Mohammed Areef to buy drinks, he purchased one full whiskey bottle and two soft drink bottles. It was while drinking, at around 6 pm, that they first noticed the 26-year-old vet, parking her red scooter to the left of their lorry. They had immediately hatched a plan to trap her.

The remand report also mentions how they commented on her: “Naveen and Chenna Keshavulu stating that she was very beautiful decided to satiate their sexual desire on her return.”

It throws light on the fact that the criminal minds were set upon raping the young lady from the moment they saw her.

The brutal gang-rape and murder of the 26-year-old vet doctor has sent shock waves across the country, sparking protests everywhere.

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