Hyderabad: Tollywood heartthrob hero Vijay Deverakonda who appeared in film ‘Dear Comrade’ recently is all set to promote an initiative in the favor of the city's sanitation and water conservation.

Actor Vijay Devarkonda will be promoting water conservation and sanitation initiative christened as Saaf Hyderabad Shandaar Hyderabad. The actor has taken the responsibility to create awareness on the water issues among the folks of the city.

Earlier on Monday, GHMC commissioner M Dana Kishor had explained the plans of the initiative to Vijay Devarakonda when the duo met. The actor had mentioned about global warming and pollution in a couple of instances.

When Dana Kishor Water Leadership and Conservation Alliance tweeted about the meeting of Waterboard MD and Vijay Devarakonda a netizen Harish Daga reacted saying “Hey Devarakonda can u do small favor? Would you request to keep an eye on Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills area and find the quantum of wastage? FYI 40 percent is wasted SAD(SIC)”

Priyanka Kanoj

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