Vineet Kumar's 'Aadhaar' poster unveiled

By Priyanka Kanoj  Published on  5 Sep 2019 6:40 AM GMT
Vineet Kumars Aadhaar poster unveiled

Hyderabad: The first look at the poster of Vineet Kumar's upcoming movie 'Aadhaar' was unveiled a while ago. The movie Aadhar is about a man who's life is ruined by listening to everything the media says about the government's identification card- Aadhar.

Standing on the Aadhar logo, Vineet appears in a simple look but with a confused gaze. Vineet is seen wearing a sweater and carrying a duffle bag on the poster. A string of Aadhar cards beneath his feet symbolizes him being driven by activities related to the Aadhar card.

"Meet Pharsua, the first person from his village to enrol for a card that will ruin his life! Here's the first look of #AADHAAR, a dramedy directed by National Award Winner Suman Ghosh", Drishyam Films tweeted. Being directed by National Award Winner Suman Gosh, Aadhar carries good expectations.

The makers of Aadhar have also made an announcement regarding the premiere of this movie at the Busan Film Festival. "We’re delighted to have our world premiere at the 24th Busan Film Festival," the makers of Aadhar tweeted.

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