Hyderabad: A video is viral on social media show bundles of Brazilian currency in the middle of a road. Users claim that it is the money recovered from corrupt politicians and public servants in Brazil.

“This is not a building. These are the 4 billion dollars that the Brazilian government has recovered from its corrupt politicians and public servants. The money is displayed in public places for public viewing. One day we hope the same happens in Pakistan.۔۔۔https://t.co/StmJJk7JlK,” reads the message on Twitter.

Click here and here to view the archive and here to view similar claims by other users.


Newsmeter found an article by Bandab, a Portuguese website that posted a similar image in August 2017 with the title, “Boca Maldita dawns with R $ 4 billion stacked on the premiere day of the Lava Jato movie”.

“The direction of the film ‘Federal Police – The law is for everyone’, which tells the backstage of Operation Lava Jato, placed a giant pile of money, 5 meters high, in Curitiba’s mouth, in Curitiba, to draw the attention of those passes by the place this Monday (28). The pile is the equivalent of R $ 4 billion in fictitious R $ 100 bills – an amount recovered by Operation Lava Jato, which investigates corruption in the country,” reads the article.

Newsmeter also found a video on YouTube uploaded in 2017 which upon translation reads: “Expectation at the premiere of the film Federal Police: The Law Is for Everyone”.

In this video, the background shows the huge pile of cash which is similar to the viral video. The stack of money in the viral video is a part of promotional activity for a movie.

Thus, the claim is false.

Misha Rajani

Misha Rajani is currently a Freelance Fact Checker at Newsmeter and is a final year student at Loyola Academy Degree and Pg College. She is doing her degree in Psychology, English, and Journalism. She has a zeal for learning and is very passionate about writing. Apart from writing articles, she also writes poetry.

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