Vishal Reddy and Anisha Alla, who were expected to tie the knot in October this year, have cancelled the wedding. According to the rumours, it is believed that all is not well between the couple, after which the elders decided to settle the matter by calling off their wedding.

Actress Anisha Alla Reddy and Tamil star Vishal had got engaged earlier in April. Their wedding was to happen on the 9th of October. It all appeared well during the engagement and the couple posed for cute pictures giving a couple of goals. It appears like the couple is now departed. 

It is believed that Anisha Alla Reddy and Vishal’s marriage has been called off by their elders. Anisha has also taken down all her pictures with Vishal from her social media accounts, which has added fuel to the on-going rumours. However, there is no official confirmation from either’s close allies. 

On the other hand, Vishal had a long-term relationship with Tamil actor Sharath Kumar’s daughter Varalaxmi. Later, the news of Anisha and Vishal’s engagement shocked everyone, as none expected that Vishal would break up with Varalaxmi. 


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