Visakhapatnam: Well known Vizag doctor and Padmashree awardee Dr Kutikuppala Surya Rao has suggested mandatory use of umbrellas to maintain social distancing.

He said the use of umbrella would keep a distance of one meter between two individuals and prevent transmission of coronavirus.

“Even Corona positive droplets of one person cannot reach the other as long as he or she remains under umbrella cover,’’ said Dr Rao.

He said even COVID-19 virus droplets on umbrella will be killed or inactivated due to soaring temperatures. He said the government should also make it mandatory for police personnel to use umbrellas during duties.

Dr. Rao assured that if the government implements it seriously, the spread of corona will drop dramatically.

This principle has been validated by experts and the suggestion was mailed to the World Health Organization, Geneva. Dr. Rao claimed that he was part of several WHO projects.

He also suggested people take rest, consume nutritious food and have enough sleep and do yoga and exercise.

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