VP favours executive, legislative and HC at one place

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  25 Dec 2019 7:56 AM GMT
VP favours executive, legislative and HC at one place

Atkur: Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday asserted that ‘decentralized development and centralized administration” was best suited to ensure faster pace of development and better administration.

Talking to newsmen on the idea of three capitals in Andhra Pradesh, here, Mr Venkaiah Naidu said opined that Executive, Legislative and Judiciary capitals should be located at a single location for desired governance and a administrative accountability.

It is the choice of the AP government to identify suitable locations to set up the three pillars of democracy and one should not politicize the issue, Venkaiah Naidu opined.

Development should be decentralized for the development of the all districts and regions in the Andhra Pradesh. But, the administration should be centralized. There is need to establish Central institutions in all the districts for bringing about uniform development, he added.

Meanwhile, late Tuesday evening, Mr Venkaiah Naidu assured the agitating farmers in Amaravati capital region that he would take their issue to the Centre. This he told some farmers, who have been agitating in protest against the YSR Congress government’s proposal of shifting to Vizag from Amaravati, who met him.

The AP government will take a final decision on the proposed three capitals in Friday’s Cabinet meeting.

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