Wanaparthy: Three cheated 36 victims in guise of job opportunities, collect Rs 1.62 Cr

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  8 Sep 2020 3:27 PM GMT
Wanaparthy: Three cheated 36 victims in guise of job opportunities, collect Rs 1.62 Cr

Hyderabad: The Wanaparthy district police arrested three persons, including a woman, who had cheated several youths to the tune of Rs. 1.62 crore under the pretext of providing them employment in various government departments.

According to the police, the trio collected money from the victims by promising them jobs in the police, the Railways, and other government departments. The police have identified 36 victims who paid money to the gang but they suspect there could be more.

The DSP of Wanaparthy, K.M Kiran Kumar, said materials worth Rs. 20 lakh was seized from the accused persons. “M. Vasantha, Chittamoni Shantayya, and Ashok Kumar started this racket six years ago to make easy money by taking advantage of the unemployed youth,” he said.

One of the accused, Vasantha, was a victim of the job racket but had later joined the scam. Investigation revealed that Vasantha met Shantayya in 2014. She told him that she worked as a train ticket examiner (TTE) in the Railways and offered to find a job for Shantayya as a sub-inspector in the police department. She collected Rs. 12 lakh from him.

Later, when Vasantha asked about the job, Shantayya told him that he had got a better job, as a circle inspector. She even handed him a fake offer letter along with a police uniform. However, he did not believe her. When he inquired about the job, he found that he had been cheated.

Instead of reporting the matter to the police, Vasantha joined Shantayya and started cheating other gullible people. In the process, they collected huge amounts from several people and even issued fake offer letters. They also paid some people Rs. 14,000 for a few months to keep up the pretense

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