Hyderabad: The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad on Wednesday developed their own hand sanitizer, in line with the standards recommended by WHO, Centre for disease control ( CDC ) and a federal health agency in the US for the institute community.

Professor Iith Sanitizer

Dr Shivakalyani Adepu has developed the sanitizer along with Dr Mudrika Khandelwal. Around 10 litres of the hand sanitizer has already been developed in the campus for the benefit of the students, staff and faculty at locations such as faculty lounge, Shirt Cafe, meeting halls and laboratories, among other areas. This makes it more likely that people will use it, and this will help stop the spread of germs and promote good health and hygiene.

According to WHO and CDC, hands account for transmitting nearly 80 per cent of the infections due to frequent touching of eyes, nose, mouth and ears, which leads to the entry of germs. They also say that nearly one in five people do not wash their hands regularly. Of those who do, 70% do not use soap. The alcohol-based sanitizer kills most bacteria, fungi, and stop some viruses present on hands within 30 seconds of applying.

Speaking about the effort, Dr Mudrika Khandelwal, associate professor, said, ” This is our small contribution at the time of need. I am glad we could make this happen and hope to make similar contributions in the future. The composition of this hand sanitizer is 70% isopropanol with glycerol, polypropylene glycol to increase the viscosity and reduce the volatility so that the sanitizer stays on the skin to allow the action, as well as lemongrass oil for antimicrobial and therapeutic aroma. The 70 per cent IPA solution penetrates the cell wall, coagulates all proteins and the micro-organism dies.”

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