When Andhra says no, Telangana rolls out the red carpet; AP Liquor lobby eyes neighbouring state

By Durga Ramesh  Published on  5 Sep 2019 5:52 AM GMT
When Andhra says no, Telangana rolls out the red carpet; AP Liquor lobby eyes neighbouring state

Hyderabad: The Andhra Pradesh government’s decision to discourage liquor consumption in the state has become a boon for Telangana. The liquor lobby in Andhra Pradesh is looking at Telangana, as their prospects look bleak in their own state. Wine shop owners in AP are already facing losses due to the restraints imposed on the sales of liquor.

Jagan's government’s decision to reduce liquor shops have forced owners to search for other options to continue their business. All the best shops in the state are closed as the government is very particular about the decrease in the consumption of liquor. Though the ban on liquor will amount to a huge revenue loss, Y.S.Jagan is determined to keep alcohol at bay. He has instructed his officers to reduce liquor shops gradually so that only a handful remain open.

Telangana’s new liquor policy will start on 1st October. It’s going for tenders for two years from 2019-21. This is good news for the liquor lobby of AP. All liquor businessmen, across the 13 districts of AP, are very eager to participate in the tender process in Telangana. The TS government is following the same old policy of undivided AP, which is a cakewalk for Andhra lobby. The TS government will release the notification for tenders on the 23rd of this month and the process will be completed by the end of the month.

One has to pay Rs.5 lakh as EMD and Rs. 1 lakh as a non-refundable deposit to participate in tenders. It is expected that almost 3000 liquor businessmen will participate in the tender process, out of which 300 to 500 may get a chance to run their business in the neighbouring state. Telangana government has received Rs.300 crores, as more than 3000 AP businessmen are participating in tenders. The government receive more income when liquor sales increases.

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