Why selective justice? Osmania students ask Anjani Kumar

By Amritha Mohan  Published on  21 Dec 2019 2:01 PM GMT
Why selective justice? Osmania students ask Anjani Kumar


  • Osmania students take out protest as Anjani Kumar IPS arrive on campus

Hyderabad: As the Commissioner of Hyderabad City Police visited Osmania University campus, several students broke out in protest, against the rising atrocities on women in the state. Anjani Kumar, the Hyderabad Police Commissioner, had arrived at Osmania university to interact with the students on topics related to women safety in the city.

After the commissioner’s arrival, slogans of ‘We want justice’ echoed around the campus, with several female students taking to the roads to protest. Another placard said that there should be no caste bias in delivering justice to victims of rape and sexual assault. The protest was organized under the leadership of Madiga Students’ Federation (MSF), along with the support from other organizations.

The students questioned why there was selective justice in the case of the 26-year-old vet doctor’s case. “Why was immediate action taken in the case of the gangrape and murder of the vet doctor case? Is it because the victim is upper-caste and the accused belong to minority sections,” asked one of the protestors.

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