Wife of COVID-19 patient, tested positive; both residents of Rajapushpa Apt-Kokapet

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  26 March 2020 9:44 AM GMT
Wife of COVID-19 patient, tested positive; both residents of Rajapushpa Apt-Kokapet

Hyderabad: In another new case of local transmission in Hyderabad, the wife of a corona-positive patient has been confirmed with COVID-19 on March 25. As the 43-year-old woman is a resident of Rajapushpa apartments, a gated community in Kokapet, the residents of the community are on high alert, as the area has been classified as ‘High-Risk Zone’ by health officials.

According to sources, the husband of the 43-year-old woman has returned from London on March 17. After he was tested positive for coronavirus on March 23, the management had taken care to fumigate and sanitise the premises. It was later, on March 25, that the 43-year-old woman began to show symptoms and was brought to Continental Hospital. She was later declared positive by the health authorities.

However, several residents at the Rajapushpa gated community allege that the numbers could be more than this. A resident, on the condition of anonymity told NewsMeter that even though the 49-year-old man had reached from overseas on March 17, and had not maintained much contact with others, it is not clear whether contact tracing has been done in the case of the wife, who has also been declared positive. “A team of doctors had visited our block yesterday. According to them, there are at least 10 confirmed cases in Rajapushpa alone, while there are 20 cases awaiting results,” he said. In addition, the two children of the couple, who has been tested positive, have not shown any symptoms as of yet, he said.

Meanwhile, the management has maintained that constant sanitisation and fumigation is being done to withhold the spread of the contagious virus. “Government authorities have sanitised the ground floor of the entire community and their block in particular. The gated community has a total of ten blocks,” they said.

As of March 25, Telangana has reported 41 cases of COVID-19, with one patient who has been discharged and is recovering.

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