Woman alleges torture by husband in 'inter-faith' marriage in Hyderabad

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  3 Sep 2019 7:12 PM GMT
Woman alleges torture by husband in inter-faith marriage in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: In an alleged case of love jihad, a woman from Malkajgiri complained that she was being harassed by her husband and in-laws. The woman who had an inter-faith marriage alleged that her husband and in-laws forced her to change her name and convert to their religion during the marriage. The woman also alleged that they are not permitting her to have children, as she belongs to a backward community. Krishnaveni told police that she came to know through social media that a few other women were cheated on by men as a part of love jihad and that she suspects her husband also married her with the same intention.

Krishnaveni, alias Mohd Shabhana(26), met Rafeeq from Warangal and they both fell in love. Though they belonged to different religions, they got married six years ago. During their marriage, Rafeeq’s parents demanded that she convert to their religion.

She agreed to their demands and was residing with them at Malkajgiri. Meanwhile, she conceived five times but had miscarried. After getting to know about her current pregnancy, they began mistreating her mentally and physically. They are now pressing her to abort the fetus, as they don’t want a child from a low caste in their family. In addition to this, they have also been demanding dowry from her maternal home and insulting her for not providing any dowry during the marriage.

Krishnaveni also mentioned to the police that in the past when her husband and in-laws harassed her, they were counselled for it. But it seems that even after counselling they have not changed their attitude and continue to torment her.

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