Hyderabad: A woman who took part in the Ganesh immersion procession at Srinagar colony in the city died in a tragic incident on Thursday. Lalitha Bai was sitting near the generator set that accompanied the procession when her saree got stuck in it and strangulated her.

Lalitha Bai’s son had set up a Ganesh pandal near their residence at Jawahar Nagar in Jubilee hills. On Wednesday night, the idol began its immersion procession and was passing through Banjara hills, Srinagar colony main road. Halfway through Srinagar colony Lalitha Bai’s saree got stuck in the generator fan, due to which it rolled out and got tangled around her neck. As a result, she was suffocated and fell unconscious at the spot. By the time the organizers took notice and switched off the generator, she was badly injured.

She was rushed to NIMS hospital but was declared dead on arrival. Punjagutta police registered a case and have begun investigations.

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