Yellow Party faces roadblock as deadly silence looms over North Andhra region

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  20 Aug 2019 6:09 AM GMT
Yellow Party faces roadblock as deadly silence looms over North Andhra region

Visakhapatnam: North Andhra region has always been a haven to the Telugu Desam Party, from its inception. But now things seem to be changing. The Yellow party is slowly losing its ground in the three districts. It won only six assembly seats out of 34 in this region in the recently held elections, the worst ever in the history of the party.

It managed to win four in Visakhapatnam urban and lost the remaining 11 seats. Even Srikakulam hasn’t presented a more positive picture, as the party could win only two out of 10 seats here. The worst debacle was Vizianagaram, where the cycle party lost all the 9 seats to its opposition.

An unprecedented calm prevails in Telugu Desam cadre in this region, due to its most terrible defeat yet. The senior leaders seem preoccupied with their work and have been avoiding the media. There seems to be no interest on their part to take up protests against the ruling party. Recently the party staged protests on the closing of Anna Canteens but none were serious about the issue while most of them in the region stayed away from the program.

Even the Second Rung Cadre in the party were present only for the media coverage.

"We have five years for assembly elections. Why should we hurry now?" asked a senior leader when questioned about their indifference in the party’s activities. "The future is uncertain. The BJP is slowly spreading its base in the region. The saffron party is going to be a big threat to us and it’s very difficult to save the party in the present conditions" said a senior leader on condition of anonymity.

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