Youth who sent hoax mail to RGI Airport arrested

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  4 Sep 2019 1:14 PM GMT
Youth who sent hoax mail to RGI Airport arrested

Hyderabad: A youngster from Hyderabad, who sent a bomb hoax mail to RGI Airport at Shamshabad was arrested by police on Wednesday. The youth, Kataraju Shashikanth, had a grudge against his childhood friend Sairam Kaleru and as a form of retaliation sent the bomb threat from Sairam's email account, found police.

According to police, Shashikanth and Sairam are close childhood friends. But Sairam was good in studies while Shashikanth struggled and both of them made plans to study abroad. Sairam managed to get admission in Canada to complete his higher education but Shashikanth could not.

Shashikanth was made aware of Sairam's visa process to Canada and sent an email to the Canadian Embassy making allegations against Sairam. However, Sairam cleared and received his visa for Canada. He was supposed to leave India on Wednesday.

Shashikanth who was frustrated with his failed attempt at the Canadian embassy decided to stop Sairam from flying. He accessed Sairam's email from his mobile and sent a threat mail to the customer desk of the RGI Airport on Tuesday afternoon.

Based on the email he sent and with technical evidence, police traced him. He was arrested and his mobile and laptops were also seized.

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