Zaaba! Baahubali's 'Kiliki Language' taught online

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  22 Feb 2020 6:15 AM GMT
Zaaba! Baahubalis Kiliki Language taught online

Hyderabad: From reel-life to real-life, Baahubali's 'Kiliki language is staging a comeback. Thanks to Madhan Karky who has embarked on a mission to teach world's youngest and easiest language to common man.

On the occasion of International Mother Language Day, Karky launched a website to popularize the language.

Baahubali series were probably one of the biggest films that have ever been made in this country. Many dialogues and stunts were trend setters. There was also a language --Kiliki-- which interested a lot of people.

The language spoken by Kaalakeya's tribe, who was one of the antagonists, was the talking point of SS Rajamouli film. The man behind the language was Madhan Karky.

"Rajamouli wanted me to create a language back in 2013-14 for Baahubali. I was thrilled. There was already a basic language that I created. I further added a few interesting elements like the sounds (Ckhh, Takk) and built a few set of words and basic grammar rules to form sentences which were necessary for that project. I was really excited when I read out the first sentence in Kiliki to Mr Rajamouli. He too was excited. There was same level of excitement when we were shooting in Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad”, he said.

Decoding Kiliki Language: Zaaba means hi, Baza means bye. Ma means mother, Pa means father. Fenn means friend, Lafa means lover and Linkit means mobile phone. One can check the dictionary for thousands of words in Kiliki, world's youngest and easiest language.

Karky has now taken up a challenge to create a language for the modern times. “As we have moved ahead in technology, I wanted to bring joy through this language. I and my team have launched a website which has a 3000 word dictionary. I hope people start learning this language. Write to your loved ones. It's always fun to learn a language. We've made sure it's very simple," he said

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