Zareen also experienced casting couch

By Prakash Aditya  Published on  18 Sep 2019 7:27 AM GMT
Zareen also experienced casting couch

Hyderabad : In yet another instance of casting couch on film sets, Bollywood actress Zareen Khan recalls how once a film director made an inappropriate suggestion to her — 'rehearsing a kissing scene'. This was before Zareen had actually made her Hindi debut. Being relatively new to the glamour industry, during her initial days, Zareen Khan was making attempts to get roles. Zareen said that she had approached a director who told her, that to get rid of her inhibitions on screen, she should rehearse a kissing before. She turned down the advances of the director, she claimed.

After making a name in the industry with good projects, Zareen experience another such incident. Recalling she said, “A person approached me and said that they would 'specifically look into the projects that I am getting' if I agreed to be more than just friends.” I immediately replied saying that my self-respect is of utmost importance to me, she adds. She said, “There was no guarantee that the person would have helped me, had I agreed to their condition.”

In a recent interview, Zareen also spoke about how she is being compared to Katrina Kaif and the reason behind her weight. She said, “I feel awkward about the frequent comparisons being made by the media about the two of us.”

Zareen made her Hindi debut back in 2010 with a period drama ‘Veer’. She will be making her Telugu debut with Gopichand's upcoming spy-thriller ‘Chanakya’ which is scheduled for release soon.

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